Why did that happen? Why didn’t that deal close? Why did the company fail? Why did you get let go?

Wouldn’t it be great if we had all of the answers? I believe that sometimes it is better not to know the answers. We spend our lives trying to find answers to questions that we know that we may never find out. We become anxious. We worry.


You know. It happens. Things happen. Sometimes, it just isn’t in the cards. Maybe, just maybe, it happened for a good reason. A reason that you can’t see as a good one today. Think about it. At the time, it may seem like the most devastating thing that ever happened. You look back on it a year later, and realize that it was the BEST thing that could have ever happened.


I guess you may never know.

Let go.

Move on.

Learn. It will only make you a stronger and better person.