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Few fields have experienced such fundamental change as marketing. Who could have predicted 30 years ago that so much of a company’s marketing efforts would soon be online? Today’s top marketing professionals oversee much more than print advertising; they are familiar with everything from branding to the most complex digital marketing campaigns.


High-level marketing executives oversee everything from negotiating million-dollar advertising spots to approving new influencer campaigns. Understanding what to do and when to do it are the keys to success.


In order to find, attract, and employ the best marketing talent you are looking for, we have to understand them on a personal level. Our Austin marketing recruitment agency uses that knowledge to find the right prospects, and then highlight the benefits of pursuing a career with your company.


Recruiting is a business that includes rejections and fast-moving parts. The only way to succeed is to believe in what you are doing. Our marketing recruitment agency team in Austin believes connecting the right person with the right job is worth the journey.

Who We Are

The Perfect Fit

We aren’t interested in just any fit. Our Austin marketing recruitment team isn’t satisfied until we have found the perfect fit for your company.

Austin Marketing Recruitment Agency

Years in the recruiting business

Experience matters, and we have plenty of it.

Happy Clients

When our clients are happy, we’re happy.

Years as Bulls Eye Recruiting, LLC (2014 inc)

We’ve been doing business for a long time, and we plan to stick around.

Market Experts

Knowing the industry you are recruiting for is essential in finding the right people for the job.

Who We Are

Our Team

Our executive recruiting firm in Austin is a family. We employ only people we believe in and who are truly passionate about what they do. Our team is fully dedicated to serving our clients, and we love what we do.

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Our Clients

We work with the best employers. We recruit the best employees. Connecting the best with the best is our passion.

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Passionate Employees

They say if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. When we connect the right person with the right job, even Mondays are great.

"I had the pleasure of working with Will while relocating the OTI America U.S. headquarters to Austin, Texas. Now, I could write about the fact that Will is personable, dedicated and hard working, which he is, but this only adds to the value and ease of working together that his firm brings to the table. More importantly, all of Will’s placements are great matches and have continuing success at OTI." 

"Bulls Eye Recruiting was able to understand the profile of the applicants I was looking for and bring several qualified and motivated applicants quickly, enabling me to continue operations with minimal interruptions. I highly recommend Will Thomson and Bulls Eye Recruiting."

Bill Gostkowski

VP & General Manager, On Track Innovations

“I had the pleasure of working with Will Thomson & Bulls Eye Recruiting to help me fill multiple sales and marketing executive positions for one of the largest global marketing/digital agencies. Their delivery was impeccable and their ability to source, screen and present high caliber candidates with the requirements that we were looking for was far superior to any one else working on the project including our other recruiting partners. 90% + of the candidates presented by Bulls Eye Recruiting were interviewed by the client and the majority of the candidates hired came directly from Will Thomson. Will Thomson is highly motivated, professional, ethical and one of the best recruiters I have ever worked with. I would not hesitate to use Bulls Eye Recruiting and work with them in any capacity!”

Lori Hall

President , Odella Group

"Over the years, Bulls Eye Recruiting has been a periodic partner for our company with many talent sourcing efforts. They really came through for us during periods of high volume sales and sales related recruitment campaigns. Will, the owner, listens closely, shows flexibility and patience, and is very easy to work with."

Neil Davis

Director of HR, Talroo

"I’ve worked with a lot of recruiters, but none have taken the time to sit down and understand our needs, our culture and our company like Bulls Eye Recruiting. Best I’ve ever worked with and will continue to work with…bottom line, Will Thomson and Bulls Eye Recruiting finds us rock stars!"

Robby Turner

EVP Sales, Data Projections

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Our Clients Are Like Family

When we started Bulls Eye Recruiting, we weren’t thinking about how much money we could generate. When we started our company, we were motivated to help people. Over the years, many of our client relationships have turned into meaningful connections.

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If you’re an employer seeking a great new employee, or you’re a job seeker looking for a fantastic career opportunity, reach out to Bulls Eye Recruiting and get started on the road to success!

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