Getting recognized by a hiring manager in a matter of seconds is absolutely necessary in order to survive in today’s competitive hiring job market. In order to make that happen, there are things that are necessary for an applicant to include on their resume to make it easier for the hiring manager to find quickly and know what makes you the most qualified applicant for the position.

Contact Information

According to resume writing experts at, up to date contact information should be the first thing on top of your resume. As you are reviewing your resume, ensure that the telephone contact information is up to date. You also want to make sure that the email address you include on the contact information is one that is still active and that you have access to. You also want to ensure that the email address that you have listed is not inappropriate or does not contain an inappropriate interpretation. You should refrain from listing multiple phone numbers or email addresses. Make it easy for the hiring manager to contact you. List your preferred method of telephone contact and your preferred method of email contact.

Include Keywords

When applying for a position, the hiring manager wants to know that you are aware of the position that you are applying for, and its requirements, duties, and responsibilities. When writing your resume for a specific position, do not use generic terminology or a generic resume and ensure that you are tailoring your resume for the position for which you are applying. Using keywords from the position description will show the hiring manager that you have read the position description and that your skills and abilities match the position description.

Include Accomplishments and Achievements

Most applicants will include their duties and responsibilities that they have in their current or previous position, and those duties and responsibilities may be completely relevant to the position that is being applied for. You most likely have many of the same duties and responsibilities. What is necessary is that you use your resume to include the accomplishments and achievements that you received in that position to set yourself apart from the other applicants. Take this opportunity to demonstrate how you are a cut above the rest.

Use Quantifiable Metrics to Validate Your Accomplishments and Achievements

When proving that you are top notch, use data and metrics that are quantifiable, rather than subjective. Let the hiring manager know that your expected sales quota for the quarter was $500,000, and you reached sales of $750,000, well over your expected quota. Include the data on your resume that you decreased waste by 45% by streamlining the customer relations’ process. These quantifiable metrics give the hiring manager substantiating information that validates your accomplishments and achievements.

There are many dos and don’ts for resume writing. There are items that will get your resume thrown directly into the trashcan on a first glance, and then there are items that will grasp the attention of the hiring manager, and will improve your odds of making it into the “call for a interview” pile, which is what you want your resume to do. From that point on, it is up to you to continue selling yourself.

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