So, what does a recruiter do?  What value does a recruiter provide?  What is interesting is that you would think most people would get the answer to this question quickly.  In reality though, you would be surprised what percentage of Americans don’t have a clear idea of what recruiters actually do on a day-to- day basis.  The image of the recruiter is tarnished.  There are some really bad perceptions of recruiters.  A majority of individuals can quickly recite a bad experience they have had with a recruiter.

Looking for a job has changed.  Social Media has changed the way we recruit drastically.  Recruiting is no longer processing paperwork.  It is no longer HR picking up the phone and randomly calling 100 people either.  Candidates don’t get that.  Sadly, some recruiters don’t get that either.

In the candidate’s defense, I don’t blame them for not clearly understanding what a recruiter does daily.  How can I?  Recruiters are sending spam to thousands of candidates in hopes that they get a returned call.   Recruiters are calling to talk to candidates just because their company wants a quota of face-to-face meetings per week.  Yes, this is happening.

It is disgusting.

The way I see it is that technology has given the recruiter all of the tools to pinpoint the right candidates.  I recruit the top 5% of candidates in a niche field.  I want to represent the best of the best.  Yes , I offer a valued service.  It is an art and it isn’t easy.  The top 5% are being pursued by every major organization.  You, as a recruiter should offer a valued service also.  Some of you already do, but others need to change your mindset.

Is that the way candidates see recruiters also?  Doubtfully.  I would say that some candidates think we don’t care about them as individuals and we are only in it for a pay day.

Is that the way you want to be seen?  Is that how you want our industry to be represented?

Not me.

Here is what recruiters do.  We provide opportunities to individuals to help them reach their personal, family, and professional goals.  We help people get out of bad situations with current employers.  We help people advance careers.  We help candidates increase their skill sets.  We change lives.

This industry is crazy.  It is high pressure.  It can be seen as “thankless”.  You are only as good as your last hire.  It is heavily metrics driven.  It is stressful to say the least and you can work with very difficult hiring managers at times.

Recruiters, are you with me?  Do you want to change our perception?  Beyond all of the negatives, there are so many positives.

Here are some things we need to do to differentiate ourselves TODAY:

  1.  Be in recruiting for the right reason.  Money will come to those who embrace the idea that “recruiting is an art” and treat it that way.
  2.  Be a student of the industry.  Learn all of the latest and greatest and use technology to your advantage.
  3.  Keep plugging away, don’t give up.  When recruiting gets difficult, keep pushing through.  It is all about timing.
  4.  Treat every relationship like gold.  Someone knows someone.  I promise.
  5.  ALWAYS Brand yourself.  Make your job easier.  Have people come to you and they will.
  6.  Keep in the Limelight.  The more people see your name, the more people will come to you. Be active on all social media platforms daily.
  7.  Over Communicate.  In this highly competitive recruiting environment, make everyone feel like they are your #1 priority
  8.  Be Accessible.  Give the candidates & managers your cell and return all requests as quickly as you can.


Scream it on all social media platforms.  Remember YOU are a recruiter.  We are recruiters.  #iamarecruiter.

Please share this hashtag on social media and start a new movement!