Remember growing up playing a little backyard football with your neighbors?  Two people were selected to pick teams. You always knew the person who was going to be selected first and typically the person who would be selected last. The most athletic, most capable individuals were picked first. I know I always wanted the biggest and strongest people on my team. The poor guy who hadn’t hit puberty was usually the last one picked.

It was pretty straight forward when we were kids. You didn’t need to be the smartest person, and you didn’t need to have the best personality. You didn’t have to be best friends with the people you were playing with. No. It was purely about winning when we were younger.

Things have changed haven’t they? Picking your team has gotten a little more difficult. As recruiters we are match makers. We don’t look for pure strength anymore. We could care less if you were High School favorite. We are looking for something much more.

You may think you have it all. You have the skill set, you have the education, and you have worked for the right companies. So, why then were you not selected? I am going to give you some possible reasons. For those of you who read my blogs, you know I am not one to sugar coat things; I pretty much say it like it is. I believe honesty is the only way you can improve. I truly want to see you succeed. Maybe, just maybe:

1. You Are Overconfident

2. You Don’t Show Enthusiasm

3. You Don’t Mesh with the Team

4. You A-Workers Don’t Have Good Things to Say About You

5.  You Are Set In Your Ways

6.  You Are Inflexible With Hours, Remote Work or Relocation

7.  You Want Too Much OR…Too Little Money (yes, you can underbid yourself)

8.  You Aren’t Confident ENOUGH

You see- these are intangibles. The next time you go on an interview you have to realize that just having the skills is NOT ENOUGH anymore. You really have to be a good fit with the organization. Are you sick of the word “culture” yet? Well, get over it. It is a huge part of it! People want to work with people whom they will get along with.

When you go into an interview, be prepared. Know everything there is to know about the company, the position and the key decision makers. You also have to go to the interview with a big smile, shined shoes and a fantastic attitude. If you do these things, and think about the intangibles, you are setting yourself up for success.

Oh, and lastly.. Please, please, please don’t compromise yourself. Don’t tell them what they want to hear just to get the job. If it isn’t the right fit for YOU, then you shouldn’t take the job. YOU should be interviewing THEM as much as they are interviewing you!