There has been a lot written about the job market lately. “The good jobs” aren’t posted anymore. Don’t apply to jobs on the Internet! Don’t bother putting your resume in an Applicant Tracking system. It will go into a “black hole”.

As an advisor and a consultant, I want to tell you to NOT listen to these so called “job experts”. A friend of mine, and well -known HR expert, Doug Whatley, and I were having a lively conversation today about this exact topic today.

Let me ask you a simple question. Do employers post the “good jobs” anymore? If you said no, I want you to check your pulse. Of course they do!! All employers must post jobs!

Why must employer post jobs? First, there are legal implications. Second, companies want the best-qualified candidates for the job. Third, it helps define the scope of the job.

So how do you get lost in the mix? You may argue that some people have the inside scoop before anyone else. Ok, maybe. An employer wants to hire the right person though, and they aren’t going to stop with just one interview. They want to make sure they have covered their bases. Posting gives employers multiple options.

Here is my advice as a Corporate Recruiter. Understand, at the end of the day, my job is to get the hire. Some people may think it is cool that I found a candidate through Twitter. Finding someone through an Applicant Tracking System, or a posting is also okay. Who can do the job the best?

So, what is my advice?

  1. Use or any other website you may use to find which employers are hiring for what job.
  2. Find a job that intrigues you.
  3. Go to Linkedin and see who knows someone at that company. You may have a connection that could link you to the hiring manager, the recruiter, or the HR professional.
  4. Have the contact send a personalized note to the person at that company to refer you. Get as many people as you can to refer you.
  5. Apply directly to the role.
  6. Send a LinkedIn invitation to the hiring manager yourself.

Most good recruiters don’t “post and pray” anymore. We actively source candidates all day every day. BUT!!! We may have missed you. We use EVERY method to find an individual. We post, we use LinkedIn, we use Facebook, we use Twitter, we read your blogs, we use referrals, we watch You Tube videos, and we see what Linkedin groups you have joined.

Be smart about it! You will know who is hiring. Once you find out who is hiring, hit it from multiple angles. Build your network every day and when your dream job comes about, you can do more than just apply!

Hope this helps.