I have always loved music. I appreciate all kinds. I appreciate the artistry in the different genres. Some music is so profound it moves me by the single strike of the chord. I can hear some songs over and over and they never seem to get old. Sometimes, the simplicity of the beat and the lyrics are just enough to have chills running down my spine. Some music just stands the test of time. Although some music is not my favorite, I understand and admire the complexity of each song. After all, it is something someone created and that alone is awesome.

A little over a month ago I wrote “The Death of Blogging” which you can read here. It was one of the most shared, criticized, and applauded articles I have ever written. I shared it on Recruiting Blogs which, in itself, was a controversial medium for it to be shared. After all, the site is ALL about blogging.

I felt it was necessary to write a follow up to the blog and explain why I wrote what I wrote. I thought the opening paragraph could help explain my feelings a bit. I admire people who make me think. I may not agree with you, but I admire those who challenge thoughts. As a regular listener and contributor to the Recruiting Animal Show, that should explain why I value opinions. Fight for what you believe in. Tell me YOUR story. Tell me why you are passionate about something and why.

What I have seen from the blogging industry lately, and it pains me to see this, is a lack of creativity. There has also been a lack of interest in people reading blogs. Why is that? I believe it is because people are being told to blog to help their personal brand to help them with the success. People are promoting themselves. There is too much information out there. These, my friend are the wrong reasons!

I will tell you why I write. I write so I can leave a legacy. I write so I can share what I have learned with others. I write because I have a story to tell. I write because one day, I will be gone. I write because I hope to help others in their quest to find the perfect job. I write about what I encounter on my spiritual journey throughout life. If that leads to other things, then that is great. If it doesn’t lead to other things, then I have left something of value behind for others to learn from.

I don’t plan on quitting writing. I only anticipate writing more over the years. The biggest fear I have is that what I write falls upon deaf ears. Do I think blogging will die? As people commented on my last post, we are in the information era. Blogs are a way we get information quickly. So- no, not completely. For my sake and many other fellow bloggers, I hope not.

I challenge anyone who writes something to have it be passionate. Share something you have learned. If you want a good audience and you want two- way communication, then do it because of your OWN reasons.

I want to hear the next Jimmy Hendrix. I want to hear the next Elvis Presley. I want to hear the next Michael Jackson. I may not love it, but someone else may. It may strike a cord for someone that will change their lives. If you write it for those reasons, then you will get the shares and the comments you are looking to get. If not, if people are writing to create their brand, then our industry is in trouble. Give it your best shot. Please!