When I grew up “social” meant something completely different than it does today. I remember a social person was someone that could carry on a conversation with someone else face- to- face. A social person was the life of the party. A social person made people laugh, and they liked to talk A LOT. People liked talking to social people because they were fun and interesting. Social people were almost always extroverts. People naturally gravitated to them because they told stories that people loved to hear.

What went HORRIBLY WRONG? Before I go on my rant, I want to start by saying that I am guilty of what I am about to bash. I believe most of us are guilty. Maybe, just maybe it is the wake up call that we all need though. Have you ever gotten together with a group of friends and had most or all of them on a cell phone checking their status on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pintrest.  It is disgusting actually.  We aren’t social at all anymore. We have our heads buried down in our smart phones.   We aren’t extroverts any longer!

Life is going on right in front of our faces.  Our friends, our family, our spouses, our CHILDREN.  We are missing out on what is most important to us!

Let me say this though, I have made some great friends on Social Media.  I feel that without the internet, I would have never met them.  I am grateful for our relationships. Let’s not forget being present with our own company that is right in front of our faces!  I struggle, do you?

It takes a conscious effort to leave the cell phone in the car.  It is relieving actually.  To think I was actually thinking about getting the Samsung phone watch.  Am I not connected enough already?!  This past weekend I went to Carrizo Springs, Texas and spent time with the family.  We disconnected and it was blissful.

AND… Another thing about Social Media that has upset me lately.  Social Media is supposed to be all about 2 way communication.  Right?  When did Social Media become 1 way communication.  Social?  Hell no!!  It is like a person talking in the mirror to themselves and cursing.  Why?  Do you not think others can hear you?  C’mon!  If you talk on Social Media, please engage with people.  Talk to people.

People write things, people talk about their lives.  Be cognizant of their feelings.  I have seen so many outrageous comments lately it disgusts me.  If you wouldn’t say something to someone’s face, why say it at all.

It is time to once again redefine the word “Social”.  If you are going to be with a group of individuals, TALK  to them.  If you are going to engage in Social Media, have 2 WAY CONVERSATION.

Wouldn’t you agree.  What get’s you fired up about Social Media?

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