WhiskeyIt is officially here.  Summer.  It got here a heck of a lot quicker than I thought it would.  Wasn’t it just Christmas?  This year is nearly half over.  How in the world did that happen?!  Having a couple of young kids, summer means many things, but one this it means is that my job got a hell of a lot harder.

Recruiting is easy.  Being a human being, a father, and husband- now that is  tough job.  It is my favorite job in the world, but it is NOT easy!  It is these summer months that most of us look forward to every year.  We all try to plan our summer vacations and our getaways.  Some of us are planning big vacations like Disney World or Cancun while others are just as content going to a nearby city for a couple of days.

Ahh, the summer.  There are some nights that are blissful while others I really look forward to my whiskey drink at the end of the evening.  I personally love Blanton’s or Basil Hayden’s, but if I have to have a Jack Daniel’s that will do too.  Can you relate?  Oh sure you can!

I know those of you reading this are all at different places in your lives.  Some of you may be right out of college and just started your first job.  Some of you are single.  Some of you are married.  Some of you have kids that are in school that are in Kindergarten-12th grade.  Some of you may have kids in college or beyond. Some of you will never have kids.

Summer months for the majority of people are great months to re-charge your batteries and spend time with your loved ones.  As a recruiter, I love hearing these stories.  It is these stories that define who we are as people, NOT WORK.kids

I ask people all of the time “How have you been” or “What have you been up to?” and the response I loathe is, “I’ve been working”.  Seriously?  That is all you have?  When someone asks me about Bulls Eye Recruiting, I try to change the subject quickly because there is so much more to what is going on in our lives at the Thomson household.  Let’s talk about the things that matter in life.  When I’m long gone, I hope my grave doesn’t say Founder & President of Bulls Eye Recruiting.  Who really gives a crap?

Yes, I recruit.  Yes, I run a business.  Yes, I will talk to you about Bulls Eye Recruiting…but only for a minute.

In today’s world work is so much about “culture”.  Work is what we do, but it SHOULD NOT DEFINE US.  You see, after 5, I take the kids to the pool, sit down to have dinner with my family & go in the front yard with my lawn chair and watch my kids play.  You may hit the tennis ball or the gym.  There is something that you are passionate about that you do after the work day ends.

It is the time away from work where our real job begins.  If your life isn’t that way, you should reset your priorities.  Our real jobs (the ones that don’t earn a paycheck) are hard.  Damn hard!  For me, it is exciting.  It is often times overwhelming.  It IS THE BEST JOB I HAVE!

It gets loud at our house.  We are always on the “go” and doing something.  ALWAYS.  Maybe that is just our family, but I love it!

I think we are ready for the summer.  I THINK!  Our household is about to get crazy.  When we talk, I want to hear about your job, but I also want to learn about WHO YOU ARE as an individual.  Chances are that you will want to have a whiskey with me.