As a recruiter, I know that recruiters are some of the most well- networked people around the globe. We work hard to make meaningful connections. Yes, we are the gatekeepers. Since I have been in the industry for 20 years, I know the chances are high that most recruiters know SOMEONE that can connect you to SOMEONE that will help you get that dream job. Before we help YOU though, we want you to know we need for you to help yourself FIRST!

Maybe you have had a job for a long time. Maybe you don’t know how this game of networking works. Maybe you have never had to network. That’s okay. That is why I am writing this blog. I want you to know that the rules have most likely changed since you have last looked for a job. If you are a passive or active job seeker you should know this. Don’t get frustrated. Once you learn the rules, they WILL change again. Recruiters who have been in the industry longer than I have can tell you that they have changed more times than they can count. This post is to help the CANDIDATE. I am going to let you know where to start in your search and believe it or not, it is NOT with the recruiter.

I think my biggest pet peeve is when someone expects me to help them who really can’t even help themselves. Let me give you an example. A candidate says to me: “I need a job”. I say “O.K. What do you want to do?”. The candidate replies “I don’t really know”. Do you know how frustrating that is to a recruiter? The next thing that happens is a candidates will get mad because we haven’t helped.

You may laugh at this scenario, but it happens EVERY DAY. We have all been told, “You never called me back” or “I never got a response from you”. WHY IS THIS THE RECRUITERS FAULT? Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a reason why you never got called back. It is easy for the recruiter to be the scapegoat, but seriously… Take a good look in the mirror. The blame falls on YOU, not the recruiter.

This is only part one in a series of blogs on this topic, so stay tuned. I want you to do me a favor! Do your homework. Know something about the role and something about what you want to do before reaching out to recruiters. We are not a mind readers and we don’t know what you don’t tell us. Connect with us for a reason or a purpose! We will gladly help. PLEASE don’t ask to connect with us on any social platform until you have a specific reason in mind.

The next time you say you need a job, be SPECIFIC. Know what area of work you want to explore. Narrow down your list of companies you want to work for and do some research about the positions available at the company. If you do this, then we will be better suited to help you. We can teach you more about networking and how recruiters can be the bridge that helps you get your next job.