We are living in a much different world than 10 years ago.  We have mobile devices in the hands of most every human being around the world.  Anyone has access to information at his or her fingertips.   Tablets are everywhere.  Smart Watches and Google Glass will soon leave us with no privacy and no way to really escape or take a break.  It is really quite a frightening thing.

Does Purpose & Meaningful Work Equal Workplace Productivity?

People’s attitudes about work are changing.  We want to find meaningful work while our business leaders want results and workplace productivity to drive revenue. Offices may become a thing of the past in the near future, as working from home is easier than ever before.  Loyalty towards a company hardly exists anymore, as everyone needs to look out for him or herself.  Calices from past experiences and the ability to learn more from other organizations have people seeking to always learn more.

Times to fill for roles are at an all –time high.  Positions are becoming more niche and more skills are required from each and every candidate.  Culture is becoming a driver for most hiring decisions.

Some organizations have the culture game aced, while others are still trying to figure it out.   Candidates who find the right fit are staying longer and are more satisfied with their work, but many people are tired of trying to find the “perfect” fit.

 Is Contingent Labor the Solution to Workplace  Happiness?

Research shows that there will be a more contingent labor workforce in the future.  So, where does that leave recruiting?  How are we going to attract the candidates with the right skills?  How are we going to keep them at companies?  It is going to take a lot more than a cool pool table and beer in the refrigerator.

That thought is frightening also.  Isn’t it?

The truth is in order to retain employees, recruiters and managers are going to have to be really good sales people and have a clearly articulated mission and vision.  They are going to have to offer something interesting. They need to offer a workplace focused on happiness, flexibility and the entire employee or contract labor employee that is.

Candidates want to be wooed.  They want to be flattered.  They want to feel respected and wanted in an organization.  They want to feel like they have a purpose!  Candidates are going to care less about the money and the stock and more about what the job can do.

Let’s face it; people are learning to live with less.  They don’t need, or for that matter, want cars.  Their overhead isn’t nearly what they used to have.  People can work from anywhere in the world and freelance and live comfortable, exciting lives.

HR professionals and recruiters need to realize that candidates want meaningful work.  They want to be a part of something that makes a difference in people’s lives.   Candidates want to make a difference.  If that is with a company can offer then the candidate then they will stay.

If your company does not offer something special where the candidate feels like their work is meaningful and with a purpose, get ready for the contingent workforce.  It is coming.  It is up to HR to start thinking about this now because it is a very real problem that we are facing.

What steps is your company taking to engage the contingent labor workforce and the temporary employee?