I have been writing for 2 years this August.  If someone told me a couple of years ago that I would be a blogger, I would have laughed.  I really never expected to let the whole world see and hear my thoughts.  I would have thought that writing the things I do would be too hard to talk about publically.

I am glad I did.  I see people get into blogging and exit just as quickly.  The ones that have made it and have grown their business have been around a lot longer than I have been.   I never imagined that I would have a “skill” in writing.  For good or for bad though, I am not going anywhere.   I have a few things to say, and the written word is the best way for me to get a message across.

The problem we are seeing today is that everyone is an “expert”.   It is hard to have a voice when everyone is screaming something that they know nothing about.

The one thing I am proud of though is that I am a practitioner.  I live and breathe every day what I write.  I am in the trenches.  I see the latest recruiting trends.  I talk to candidates around the world.  You can call me anything you want.

I am a recruiter.  I am the Global Sales and Marketing Recruiter for Rosetta Stone.  I blog when I can.

I get frustrated with marketing departments.  They don’t recruit.  They are there to push a product.  I understand the importance, but it blurs the message that a practitioner can share.

I admire recruiters that blog.  I admire people who make others think.  I admire people who speak the truth even when it may touch a nerve or two.

So when you are choosing who to listen to in this crowded industry of blogging.  Choose wisely.  Listen to a practitioner, not an “expert”.  I don’t care if you listen to me not.  Listen to a practitioner though.  Form your own opinions.

We have enough hot air in this world.  Wouldn’t you agree?