I realize I may be more of a risk taker than most.  I often tend to push the envelope.  I believe there is always a better way of doing something than the way it is being done today.  There are times in life when staying put and blending into the crowd makes sense.  There are other times, however, when you have to seize the moment.  I have done both.

Risks are necessary.  They should be calculated.  There are times in your life when you are at a crossroads.  As a recruiter I see them in individuals all of the time.  There is the safe play and there is the play that could yield higher results.  There are a number of things to think about before making the jump to a high risk situation.  Timing is everything when taking a risk.

Bulls Eye Recruiting did not happen overnight.  The idea of Bulls Eye Recruiting started over 3 years ago.  I knew I wanted to make a change and I knew I had more to offer than being a corporate recruiter, but timing was not right.  I held a number of jobs before finally making the move this year.  I knew that it was a hot market for recruiting, I had enough money saved up to make a change and I had people who I knew would be good clients.  It was a good time to take a risk and it has turned out to be the best risk I have ever taken.

I sat down with my wife and we discussed the option of me going to work for another corporation as a corporate recruiter or trying something new.  Going off on my own was a challenge and quite honestly I was terrified.  If it weren’t for my wife who encouraged me to go for it, we would never have embarked on this chapter in our lives.  We were at a crossroads just like many of you reading this blog are in your lives.

I don’t know the whole story of every candidate I talk with about a job.  The statement “everyone is struggling with something that no one else knows about” is so true.  There may be extenuating circumstances in your life that prevent you from making a change or taking a risk.  I realize that there is so much involved in taking a risk.

I am writing this because I am going to take a wild stab and say that you are unable to make a change because of fear.  Fear is not a good answer for not taking a risk.  You will never grow if you have fear.  You are not going to get ahead in life if you don’t take a risk.

Personal situations aside, let’s look at 2015 and why it is one of the best years ever to take a risk.  I wouldn’t have suggested you make a job change or a career change 3-4 years ago if you had a stable situation, but this is a banner year for employment and you will be kicking yourself for playing the “safe bet” this year.

You have to ask yourself the question: “What is the worst thing that could happen”?   The answer I get most often is “I will lose my job”.  Okay, so what!  In the best job economy we have seen in a decade, that is what you are worried about?   So things don’t work out.  The company loses funding.  You get laid off?  There is another job around the corner waiting for you.  I can guarantee it.  I am seeing it every day.

Some of the best job opportunities we have seen are out there this year.  It will be lucrative and fun.  You should enjoy the ride.  Take the risk.  Join the company that you wouldn’t consider a couple of years ago.  I want to hear your story next year.  Don’t miss out!