Social Media is here to stay.  There really is nothing private anymore.  People can find out most anything they want to know about you online.  We communicate through Social Media platforms.  We post pictures of what we did over the weekend.  We stay connected better than we ever had.  People we haven’t seen in years are on our Facebook streams.

We are constantly expanding our networks.   It doesn’t matter if it is through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, we want to grow our following.  Sometimes we are consciously doing it, other times we are unconsciously doing it.  People can follow you without you even knowing it.

We all have something to say.  We all have opinions.  Some are more vocal than others.  Somewhere, in some forum, our voice and opinion will be viewed.  Most everyone is guilty.  After all, that is how we talk to others now.

It is frightening that sometimes. We are so buried in our phones that we don’t even realize what we have going on around us.  We are so consumed with what is going on socially that being PRESENT in the moment is difficult to do.

Because I write, I am very visible.  I have a fairly large following.  My LinkedIn grows daily, my Twitter grows at an alarming rate, and truthfully I am not really trying to expand my network.  It is happening organically.  It is happening without any effort on my side.

It has taken years to get to this point, but it is a bit scary.  When I share something on any site it gets viewed.  People will share with someone who knows someone.  And the big part of this is that I am not Justin Bieber.  Good grief, what kind of privacy does he have?

My advice, be careful.  Think about what you are sharing on Social Media.  It will go viral quicker than you realize.  Be careful what you do.  It is being watched.

Expanding your network does increase your visibility.  More people will recognize you and more people hear your voice.  Do it for the right reasons.

After all, your presence could be a curse if you use it incorrectly.

What are your thoughts?