On Wednesday, March 21st I did it. I went on The Recruiting Animal Show. If you listened to it, then you know both Animal and I had some pretty rough reviews and our scores had us both failing. Let me say this, listening back to it, I though it was better than the reviews. But hey-it is what it is. Right? I went out of my comfort zone to do something I had never done before. Animal just did his job.

One of the topics that was discussed was that anybody can recruit. I made the comment that I could hire a monkey to recruit. That is when the floodgates began to open. “A monkey” said Animal. Jerry Albright backed me up pretty good and said “A Sales Monkey”. Then the whole age thing came into play. “A 50 year old lady” at Kroger could do this job”? “A college graduate?” That is a bag of worms I didn’t even care to get into, but Animal led us down that track. Oh boy, then the twitter comments came flowing and the show and the listeners had had it.

First and foremost, age doesn’t mean anything to me. Anyone who is capable of doing a job should be hired regardless of age. Secondly, here is the point I was trying to make. Recruiting is just not that hard. I do believe most people could be trained to recruit.

Yes, you have to have sales skills. Yes, you have to be somewhat computer savvy. Those were things we talked about on the show.

For a discussion, I would like to re-open this can of worms. What does it take to be a recruiter? What skills do you have to have? Could you teach an educated, sales savvy person with no experience to recruit and recruit well quickly? My vote is yes, but I want to hear from you.

Let’s get the comments going here. I would love to see this the top trending article of the month. I know a lot of you are opinionated, so yes- even Tom Bolt, Maureen Sharib, Let’s hear from you. Tweet about it, share it. I am looking for 24 pages here like the Sourcing is Dead topic.

Thanks for having me Animal.

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