Coming off an awesome Father’s Day, I felt it was appropriate to do one of my non-recruiting posts again. These are never as popular, but seem to resonate with a lot of people. Hopefully by now, most of you who are regular readers of my blogs know me. I am a passionate person, Christian, and a true family guy. I’m a recruiter by day, a blogger by night. Between the hours of 5-9 PM I hardly can get one word in edge- wise because my 2 kids keep me on my feet. My 2 year old is, well.. A 2 year old. My 5 year old is, well.. A 5 year old. Busy. Not bad, just busy. When they go down, I love to watch the Astros (even if they are the worst team in baseball), drink a Gentleman Jack (or two), and recap the days events at night with my beautiful wife Laura.

Pretty simple stuff. Life continues to evolve and it seems to get better every year.

Life goes in cycles. You are reliant on your parents between the ages of 1-18. You are on your own and either in college from 18-25. Hopefully not 25. I guess Obama says you can live off your parents insurance until 26 now. Good grief.

You may get married early and in your 20’s, it may be the 30’s and it may be later in life. You yourself start having children somewhere in the middle of that. I guess everyones circumstances are a little different. At any rate, you are the responsible adult. Some are more responsible earlier than others.

This year, my 40th year, has been great. Yea- it does take the body a little longer to heal. You may have to go through a “procedure” or two. I guess Billy Crystal said it best in City Slickers.

I know my 50’s will be better, 60’s will be better than that and so on and so on.

I guess what I am trying to say is that every day is a blessing. Some days are good. Some days are bad. Some days are terrific. Some days are awful.

I wouldn’t change a thing though. I wouldn’t have changed my experiences earlier in life and I certainly don’t want to fast forward any moment that I have right now. I embrace life. I love life. I love my children, my wife, my family. I know God has a plan. It is hard to see sometimes. It is frustrating at times, but looking back on every experience I have ever had, it has made me a better person. They have made you a better person.

I am truly blessed. You are blessed. Live every day as if it were your last, because one day.. Someday. It will happen. We will be gone. Live, love, laugh. Embrace.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Father’s out there and the ones before us and thank you God for the gift of life.