I want to make a sports analogy. Sorry, Dallas Cowboy fans. It pains me to say it, but Jerry Jones wants a puppet as a head coach. It has always been that way. He wants someone who he can push around so he can ultimately do what HE wants YOU to do. The last person who he let have control won a Super Bowl. That was in 1994. Nothing since. Jimmy Johnson is a FOX Sports Analyst today.

I’m a Cowboy fan. It truly pains me to see this year in and year out. I think as long as Jerry has the reigns, the Cowboys will never win a Super Bowl.

So you want to build a team? You want to hire a recruiter? Release control.

See, recruiters are a unique breed. They come in all shapes in sizes. What works for one recruiter, may not work for the other. We are sales people. We all have our processes. We ALL do things differently.

How do you know what you are getting when you hire a recruiter? Ask them how they do things! How do they go about finding candidates? What drives them to succeed? How do they know when they have found the right candidate? Ask questions around their sense of urgency.

Metrics and me are not friends. You know, at the end of the day, I will have found you a gem. I will have built the relationship with the manager and have placed the candidate that you really wanted.

Do you want someone to make 150 calls, send out 50 e-mails, 100 inmails a day? How about having 10 face to face meetings a week? I don’t think that will guarantee you ANY success. How do I know? I’ve tried it. You spend all day spinning your wheels! You are talking to irrelevant people!

The next time you hire a recruiter, know what you are getting. People will say it is a numbers game, but I say it is all about WHO you call, not HOW MANY you call. Hire a SMART recruiter. Hire someone that is awesome at sales, is a great sourcer and maintains and develops long lasting relationships.

Really and truly, do you want to win a Super Bowl? Let the recruiters creativity run wild and let them loose. After all, a pencil pusher is just that.