What gets you up out of bed every morning? What makes today different than yesterday? What drives you to succeed in life? What are you looking for out of life?

You could take these series of questions and answer them in a number of different ways. Your answer could be based upon your career, your family, or they could be taken into talking about your spiritual beliefs.

For the purpose of this blog, lets talk about your career. Specifically, lets talk about recruiting. Why do you do it?

I was at a gathering this past weekend and in our circle, we had a nurse, an engineer, an insurance salesman, a police officer, and me; the recruiter. All different professions, with very different subject matter expertise.

What was interesting is while we were all very different in the career paths we chose, what drove us was very similar. We all were looking for the adrenaline rush.

The nurse worked in the ER, and every patient was different.The job required quick thinking, and it constantly challenged them. The engineer was thrilled to talk about the new product they were building and how it would change the world we live in today. The insurance Salesman was driven by the thrill of the close, and getting that prospect to take the meeting that they had worked so hard to get. The police officer never knew what the next night would bring. A traffic accident, domestic violence call or arresting someone for a DUI. Then there was me.

I went on to explain that we are all very similar. I am driven by challenges. I love working with managers who have had sub-par experiences with recruiters. I love finding the person that couldn’t be found. I love the satisfaction of placing someone into the role they have been dreaming about, but for some reason haven’t been able to achieve their goals. I love coaching. It is for these reasons I get out of bed every morning. Money comes when you do something you love.

For discussion purposes, would you agree that most of us are driven by challenges? That adrenaline rush? I would like to know why you do what you do.