Congratulations candidate! You have successfully created the perfect sales resume.  Your dream job has just called you in for an interview. Now what? It’s now time to do your homework. You want to make sure that in this competitive job market you outshine the competition. As each progressive year passes the interview process is becoming increasingly more difficult. Employers have learned that investing in a more complex hiring process, will save the company significant time and money in the long term.  They have begun to use a lengthy vetting process. Many companies use the employment assessment test as one step of the process. Each profession has its own form of assessment. A sales position requires certain skillsets that differ from those needed in marketing. Employers want to ensure that candidates meet the requirements needed to fill each specific position. Now that you are aware that you might face a sales assessment test, I am here to outline exactly what to expect.

What is a sales assessment test?

The sales assessment test is a tool used to give employers and idea of your professional skills and demeanor. Employers are looking to assess three main categories: sales skills, personality profile, and technical skills.

What is the format of the assessment?  

The test is broken down into different parts. Each part, is given in a multiple-choice format. The test may be given using pen and paper. Although, it is becoming increasingly more common to take the test online.

What are the different parts of the test I might encounter?

  • The Self-Assessment is a questionnaire in which you will be presented with different statements and asked to what degree those statements relate to you.
  • The Sales Scenario Test will present real-life sales situations that might arise in the work place. It is designed to assess how you respond to various work place decisions. You will be given a ranking system, where you will be asked to rank the best response for each scenario. This test is a type of situational judgement exam. Which is a popular form of exam that employers use to test your decision-making skills.
  • The Cognitive Aptitude Test measures a battery of additional skills needed to hold a sales position. The aptitude test will assess your basic math, English language, reasoning, and analytical skills.

What target skills are employers looking for in a Sales team member?

Employers are looking for their sales employees to have excellent interpersonal skills. It is important that a member of their sales team be a gifted wordsmith and be very driven. There are certain characteristics that candidates should make sure to emphasize when they take the assessment including:

  • Strong listening skills
  • Ability to manage negative reactions
  • Working as a team player
  • Intuition and the ability to ask the right leading questions
  • A strong understanding of the company’s target market
  • Enthusiasm and a positive demeanor
  • Ability to accept feedback
  • Resourcefulness
  • Drive to create goals and close sales
  • Willingness to take accountability

How can I prepare for the sales assessment test?

Do your research in advance and gather as much information about the interview process. From the moment you receive that first phone call, you must make sure you are proactive about readying yourself.  Use online resources such as study guides, practice tests, and test solving tips.  Brush up on basic math, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and clerical skills. Make sure you understand what personality traits are targeted for sales positions. Be ready to face real life sales based scenarios and challenges.  Make sure to get a good night’s sleep the night before the test, and eat a nice breakfast.  Preparing in advance is essential for reducing stress on the testing day.

Best of luck candidates! I hope you feel one step closer to landing your dream job.

This article was contributed by Jennifer Feldman. She is a speech and language expert and blogger at JobTestPrep. She specializes in writing about the employment hiring process.