Today, job hunting isn’t restricted to sitting at a computer browsing job postings and e-mailing resumes – it’s going mobile! The Millennial Generation uses phones and other devices to connect with others and build meaningful relationships, and this has expanded into the professional world. The market for job-related apps is on the rise as many job seekers use their phones and mobile devices to assist them in their mission.

Here are 6 must-have job searching apps you should use if you’re looking for a great position right now.

1.  LinkedIn

A mobile version of the most popular professional network, the LinkedIn app has all the functionalities of its desktop parent. You can build your personal brand, establish connections with professionals in your field, receive personalized industry news, contribute to group discussions and follow influencers. The app features a job board, where you can save recommended jobs and follow companies to get updates and job postings.

2.  Jobr

The creator of this cutting-edge job search app says Jobr is like Tinder plus Pandora, only for jobs. A brand new addition to the market, Jobr can benefit both job seekers and recruiters. The app pulls all info from your LinkedIn profile and presents you with job postings you might find interesting. If a job listing is exactly what you’re looking for, all you need to do is swipe your finger to the right and once a match is found, chat with your potential employer about the opportunity.

3.  CardDrop

This smart little app allows you to easily share your contact info with other professionals. You can drop your business card into the app and let all the people you meet pick it from the app or the web. Your contacts can use the app to ask for your card and send their own info along with their request, helping you to stay connected and never miss any valuable networking opportunities. The app is available on iOS, but the creators are now working on introducing it to other mobile systems.

4.  Whitetruffle

This is a smart web-based app perfect for finding jobs in the tech industry. Create your unique profile and the app will match your skills and qualifications to various companies. Delivering the matches in your inbox, the app allows you to anonymously review your options and either accept or pass on those matches. Once you accept a match, you can directly contact the company, saving up on time you’d otherwise spend on looking for the right opportunities.

5. Jobs

This is a free app by, which not only feeds you the latest job postings from the website, but also allows you to take your Monster account with you and apply to new listings on the go. A great solution for those who want to stay in touch with this platform when commuting or out and about town.

6.  Simply Hired

Another free app, Simply Hired is probably one of the largest job search engines on the web. It includes job offers from various services and listings, among them major web-based job search engines, company websites and online newspapers. This app is perfect for gaining a broader view of the job market.

Mobile apps can only help candidates in their job hunt – they allow you to instantly apply for positions, find matching companies communicate with employers. All this can be done without any need for a proper desk and desktop computer!

Nicole-Davies-150x150Nicole Davies works at ShortCourseFinder, a website providing a simple way to find and sign up for online short courses from Australia’s top providers. Main areas of her interest are the social media and the use of new technologies in everyday life.