Twitterland is a real place. Well, that is what I keep telling myself. There are people from all over the world there. It is like having them next door to you. No time zones, and instant communication. All you need to go there is a computer or a smart phone. Before you go to Twitterland though, understand it is hard to get out of this place. You can get lost there easily. It is so big that it would take an entire lifetime to navigate through.

I have had fun in Twitterland, but I have to tell you, it doesn’t pay my bills and my family gets sick of me going there because I often get lost. In January, I wrote a post called A Quest For A Thousand Twitter Followers. It is now May and I should be crossing that finish line soon. I am rounding 3rd base.

I wanted to take a moment on a Friday afternoon, to make a call-out to all of the people I have met in Twitterland. Friends. People that I genuinely have gotten to know and respect. I didn’t want to write about me. Instead, I wanted to let others know what I already know. I want you to get to know them the way I have gotten to know them. So, go ahead, send them a tweet.

Here are 50 people you MUST follow. They are real. You may know them already, but if you don’t you should.

1) @AlaRecruiter

2) @DarrylRMSG

3) @reedkremer

4) @TSpagnola

5) @ChristopherinHR

6) @AmberEastman

7) @animal

8) @Derdiver

9) @TalentTalks

10) @HR_Nasty

11) @TopRecruiterTV

12) @StandandInspire

13) @YasmeenAtDell

14) @Pursuit_ology

15) @CJsearch4TO

16) @AceEmployment

17) @JMVRecruiter

18) @smashfly

19) @jbalive

20) @ChrisFleek

21) @TomBolt

22) @meetzman

23) @RecruitingBigD

24) @new_resource

25) @shannonsmedstad

26) @JobBoardDoctor

27) @JackalopeJobs

28) @tonyrestell

29) @CareerPivot

30) @valentinoBenito

31) @HRGalFriday

32) @TJ_Jaeckle

33) @Rekrutr

34) @MaliaJorgensen

35) @ed_wu

36) @ScottBurgess

37) @Laurastack

38) @black_thought

39) @HSGmorton

40) @Timkirk25

41) @CorpHandyman

42) @PhxRecruit

43) @greg_savage

44) @bryanchaney

45) @ryanleary

46) @JPKreiss

47) @TravisTriggs

48) @BonnieGough

49) @NovoMedical

50) @joshuapeek

51) @IanKnowlson

52) @HookTheTalent