When I started out in Human Resources, I was naïve.  I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I’m a recruiter in the Human Resources field.  I like what I do tremendously. I come home every day saying, “I love my job.” I don’t think most Americans can say that.

I joined the recruiting industry because a fraternity brother recommended that I join a company called Aerotek.  I joined when I was 22.  That was almost 20 years ago.  Aerotek was a tough environment for anyone back in the 1990′s.  It was extremely competitive, I wasn’t paid much, and worked very long hours.  It didn’t scare me away.  It did most, but it just made me stronger and has crafted me into the person I am today.

Recruiting isn’t always pretty.  I would say it is the “happier” part of HR.  After all, I get to put people to work.  I get to see smiles on peoples faces when they get a bump in salary and I have the enjoyment of helping a hiring manager who really needs help filling a position.

I have learned , been a part of, and witnessed some pretty crazy things in the HR field over the years.  For anyone who is considering entering the HR or recruiting field, I would like to talk about what you may encounter.


1.  You Have to Fight to Have a Seat at the Table –  Not everyone sees HR and Recruiters as “partners”.  Many see HR as a nuisance.  If you choose HR as a profession, then you have to understand that it is going to be a constant battle to be heard.  You are always going to have to prove your value.

2.  For Every Hire, There is a Fire, Layoff, or Someone Quitting – Recruiters are busy.  That is true.  One thing about recruiting that we often don’t think about is why there is hiring.  Yes, there are people that get added to a team, yes there is organic growth.  Most organizations are dealing with some sort of attrition though and there is a root cause for that attrition.

3.  You Better Like Numbers – Metrics.  Love them or hate them, they are a part of HR.  You are always showing something and predicting for the future.  Everything about HR can be calculated in some sort of spreadsheet.  Your organization may not be metrics oriented today, but it will when the company grows.

4.  Employee Relations is Part of Your Job don’t care which part of HR you are in, you are going to be involved in some sort of employee relations issue.  There are days when I have felt like a therapist or a kindergarten teacher for grown individuals.  You have to have to realize, this is part of your job- like it or not.

5.  The HR Function Does Not Directly Increase the Bottom Line.  If you are a Corporate Recruiter or in HR, you do not bring in money for the organization.  You are overhead and if push comes to shove, a “nice to have”.   As a recruiter, if the company is doing well, then the company needs you.  If not, you better start looking for your next job.  Budgets are always slim and being understaffed is common also in the workplace. With all of these things, I still love my job.  If I didn’t I would have left years ago.  The good far outweighs the bad.  I’d recommend it to anyone.