I have been in the recruiting and sales game for 20 years. I have had the opportunity to work with hiring managers of all shapes and sizes. I have worked with some great ones and I have worked with difficult ones.

Somewhere along the way, I have learned that picking battles is essential in this HR business. Some battles I choose to take on, while others I let lie and walk away from confrontation. After all, the hiring manager usually gets their way.

Recruiters are dispensable and we know that. We are the first people to go in an organization when hiring slows down or if budgets get tight. I think all recruiters have heard “Thank you for your service, we can’t afford to keep you any more”.

We all get wrapped up in the hiring process. Everybody needs their candidate yesterday and every managers need is the most important in the world. Believe me, recruiters get that.

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to recruiters. Here are some things I wish that managers understood.

Here are 5 Things I wish Managers Knew About Recruiters

  1. Recruiters Want Managers to Get the Hire. We want to make sure that they are successful. Why? When they achieve success, we achieve recognition. Ultimately, recruiters are successful when managers make the hire.
  2. Recruiters Become Emotionally Involved With the Process. We are in the people business. We are dealing with people’s lives. For everyone we place, there are the ones we have to tell that they were not chosen for the job. If a position is put on hold or if there is a no-hire scenario, we hear about it. If there is a poor hire, it reflects poorly upon us. We too want the best person for the job.
  3. Recruiters Have Multiple Requisitions. This is so often forgotten. Recruiters have multiple managers we are working with. We also want to work for people who appreciate us as colleagues. We are helping you, so there has to be some mutual respect. Most recruiters will jump through hoops for you if he/she feels valued.
  4. We Will Most Likely Cross Paths Again. Recruiters move around and no job is permanent these days. Managers should be cognizant of that. It is in the manager’s best interest to become friends with their recruiter rather than an enemy. Managers will switch jobs too and may need a recruiters help in the future.
  5. Recruiters are Human. We do not carry the letter “S” on a cape on our back. We try. Believe me, we try. It is just not possible to do everything a manager wants in a specific time frame all the time. We will put our best foot forward and screen the candidates and get you the candidates you need. We do have lives, and families just like managers though. Sometimes Recruitment just takes time.

Recruiting is a partnership. It is a game of respect on both parties. When managers and recruiters are both on the same page, success is sure to follow.