shut-up-300x3002017 is finally here.  Everyone is slowly getting back in to their routines and we are all getting back to work.  For most, our lives have been filled with excess over the past 3 months.  Too much food, too much booze, too much time off, and don’t forget- too much family time.  We all love our families (or most do), but too much of anything can be overwhelming.  Yes, Clark Griswold’s dad said it best in Christmas Vacation when he said he got through the holidays with “a lot of Jack Daniels”.  I know I certainly did.

We took our tree down on December 27th.  Not that we didn’t enjoy the holidays, but I was just over Christmas.  As soon as the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve, resolutions were being made across the world.  Gyms are packed at the beginning of a new year but eventually most everyone gives up.  Most people forget their resolutions by the end of the first week in January.

I have been asked over the past couple of months what I think 2017 will bring in the HR & recruiting world.  Will robots take over?  Will recruiters become obsolete?  Will technology take over the role of the recruiter?

I’ve been relatively quiet recently.  This is not by accident, but by design.  I used to run my mouth more than I should.  I was opinionated and let the world know how I felt.  Although I am absolutely 100% right all of the time, (sarcasm) I don’t care to talk much anymore.

My resolution in 2017 is simple.  I want to listen.  I want to listen to what others have to say.  I want to learn and observe.

One thing is for certain about 2017.  There will be change.  I don’t have to say anything more (and won’t) but all you have to do is say we do have a new President and our country will go in a different direction.

You see, we (and I do mean about 90% of everyone reading this) have been consumed with social media.  It is getting pretty bad.  Personally, I am checking my phone way too often and I can never really disconnect due to the nature of my business.

meme-im-not-anti-socialI can’t believe I am saying this, but I am growing tired of social media.  I am actually getting bored with it.  I am tired of reading everyone’s opinions.  Like myself, everyone else is 100% right too.  We are getting ugly with one another.  We are disconnecting ourselves from reality.

You you know what else?  Everything we say is being watched and the data is being used to predict what our behavior will be like in the future.  Big Data is out there and big brother is watching every move that we make.

People are rapidly forming opinions about me and all of you by what we say and write on blogs and social media.  I’m not saying this to scare you, but it is the truth.

I don’t think robots are going to take over.  I do think that there is going to be a ton of automation in the HR and recruiting processes, but I don’t believe they are going to change recruiting forever. robotsfallon

You see, I think and truly believe, I am not the only one that thinks that there will be a shift.  I believe things are going to begin to revert to how they used to be.  I do believe that recruiting will become more and more like it was 20-30 years ago.

People are going to slowly and surely remove themselves from the noise.  This won’t happen overnight and for some it may never happen, but you will see people becoming less and less “social”.

People are going to crave human interaction and that can never be replaced by any robot.  Human interaction can never be replaced by seeing a picture on Facebook or Instagram.

Waylon Jennings said it best in the song “if you see me getting smaller”.

“If you see me gettin’ smaller I’m leavin’ don’t be grieving
Just got to get away from here
If you see me gettin’ smaller don’t worry and no hurry I’ve got the right to disappear”

Are you with me?  If you want to chat, give me a ring, or let’s go grab lunch.  There is no need to have my head down in my phone anymore.  I’m going to be more careful what I say online.  I think you should too.