Tonight I watched the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins play each other for a chance to play in the playoffs against the Seattle Seahawks. Entering this game, you had the 2011 Heisman trophy winner with a sprained knee, and a rookie sixth-round draft pick Alfred Morris taking on Tony Romo, the all -time passing leader for the Dallas Cowboys. Result? A 28-18 Redskins win with Alfred Morris running for more than 180 yards and RGIII mesmerizing the Cowboys defense with clever trick plays.

Tony has been here before, and has lost all but one elimination game. 1 in 5 before tonight to be exact. That being said, I thought he finally had figured it out. Trailing by only 3 points, I thought he was going to do it. He was more experienced and he had more than 3 minutes on the clock and all the time outs remaining. I watched him throw an interception on their own 30 yard line that sealed the fate of Dallas. He is now 1-6 in elimination games. Once again, Dallas has lost a chance to go to the playoffs. Forget the Superbowl, Jerry Jones! You have to get to the playoffs first. Maybe you should spend a little less time on Papa John’s commercials and looking into the future.

Fool me once, you can even fool me twice. but six times? Are you kidding me. It is time to part ways. Sometimes you may have all the tangible skills, but there are definitley differences between winners and losers. I have watched Payton Manning cruise to a 13-3 record and he has complete command of his offense. Tony, not so much. Why don’t you scream at your offense? Why don’t you put on your headset and and command the defense like a true leader?! Peyton, see you in the Superbowl AGAIN; Tony, enjoy your long vacation with whoever you are dating now.

This is tough for me to say because I am a Dallas Cowboy fan. It is a bad breakup. You want it to work so badly, but sometimes it is time to cut ties with the people you think are the solutions. Maybe Tony has the skills to succeed with another organization, but not with Dallas. What we have learned? He is not a leader. He has time and time again messed up when the game was on the line.

In your organization, who do you have on your team? Do you have winners or losers? Throw out the records and the statistics. Do you have a history of getting the job done when it counts the most?

My take, adios, Tony. Good knowing you. I’d rather have a reliable Trent Dilfer who can command an offense than someone who chokes.