On Friday morning my family once again made the drive to Carrizo Springs, Texas. The weather was perfect. Late November in most of America is at or above freezing, but not in Texas. Highs were around 75-80 degrees, and that made it feel like early spring, not winter.

At around 4:00 P.M., after we arrived in Carrizo, we packed up the Jeep and brought a few guns in case we ran into a rattlesnake. My wife, 2 children, and Dad were not out to go hunting that day. We just wanted to have a leisurely drive and see the game that was out there. We had great conversation and saw Deer (Bucks & Does) , Dove, Pigs, Turkey, & Quail.

My Daughter was requesting Maroon 5’s “Payphone” and we listened to music loud and the kids danced and laughed. My son & daughter both sat in my lap and they were driving and having the time of their lives. We stopped at one of our ponds and picked up “crystal” rocks. At about 5:30 the sun began to slowly set.

We had Whiskey, Wine & and Root Beer. My daughter had a root beer. My son had milk. The toughest decision my wife, father and I had to make all weekend long was what we were going to have to drink. A whiskey with a Diet Pepsi was my choice, and my wife and my father had the wine.

You know, life gets crazy sometimes. We work hard. We get caught up in the daily grind and we sometimes feel heavy pressure. We all need to take a minute and catch our breath. We need to enjoy life and soak in these moments when we can. Life is too short to let work get the best of us.

Smile. It is all monopoly money anyway. Let’s enjoy what we have and not dwell on the negative. That sunset is something I will go back to anytime things get crazy. What is your sunset? Will you have a Whiskey, Wine or Root Beer?