Yesterday I listened to the Animal show and he had two guests. The first one was Bill Vick. Bill has been in the industry a long time and is very well respected in the recruiting industry. I learned a lot from listening to him and appreciated his insight. Recruiters who have been in the game a long time, and new recruiters all took away something positive from what he said. It is rare day when Animal and his audience are silenced and hanging on to the next word that comes out of the guest’s mouth. To say it simply, I was impressed.

One thing Bill said that bothered me is he said “you know when a recruiter is great when you make $500,000 a year”. I do not want to take away anything from Bill’s inspiring and motivational guest appearance. Anyone could have said it. After all, you have obviously done something right if you are making a half million dollars a year. You are at the top of your game. But are there others who haven’t and won’t make 500k at the top of their game?

I don’t know many recruiters (other than some on this website) that can make that claim. That is impressive. Kudos to the ones that have accomplished that feat.

Where does that leave the others who have not hit the 500k mark? What is your definition of success as a recruiter? 95% of the recruiters I know haven’t achieved that goal and most of them will not. They are indeed great, if not excellent recruiters.

For a discussion, what makes a great recruiter? My opinion is not what your W2 says at the end of the year.