One thing I have learned over the years is that TODAY will never be the same as TOMMOROW. What do I mean by this? Just because everything is perfect in your world today, doesn’t mean that everything can’t change quickly. You could be the top of your game with your company and your personal life, but chances are that circumstances will change! Some of these circumstances you have control over, others you do not.

As a recruiter, I have this should be a sticky note glued to my computer. As a candidate, remember this, and always keep your options open. It is hard sometimes because we get comfortable in our lives. We tend to ride the highs and get upset when things don’t EXACTLY go our way.

Truth being told, as I look back on my career and personal life, and as one door closed, a new and better door has always presented itself. I sometimes am baffled at timing. If I had not been in a certain situation at an EXACT time, then I wouldn’t have been able to do this or that. It is a cycle and it continually happens to me. Look at your life. Is it the same? After years of trying to control the uncontrollable I have given up.

Sometimes, when I expect it the very least, something great will happen. I have become more attune to my surroundings and realize that anything could happen at any given moment. Listening has become one of my greatest skills.

The next time a recruiter calls you to talk to you about an opportunity, take a second and listen. It may not be for today, but tomorrow, or much further down the line. Remember, it is all about timing and something great could be in store for you!