So what is all the noise about Gangnam Style?? People were talking about the song at work last week. What is that dance?! What in the world are my co-workers doing?! I had to check it out, so I did a youtube search. Ok – this is hilarious. Better yet, this is genius! I had absolutely no idea what this guy was saying, however, I did understand when PSY said “Sexy Lady” and “Gangnam Style”. I have to admit, the song and dance are catchy.

This reminded me of La Macarena. I had to google this one. Do you remember who sang it? The answer is Los Del Rio. It was their only released single. Talk about a one- hit wonder that changed dance clubs for decades. It was solid! It had a dance just like Gangnam Style. This song has forever changed party mix songs. If you go to a wedding, there is a good chance it still will be played.

Lastly, who can forget Billy Ray Cyrus and Achy Breaky Heart? Now, even though this one is pathetic, it had huge success. How could a country boy who wears sneakers and had a mullet pull this one off? I still remember the moves. He had all of America singing and dancing to his song. Classic!

Are you a trend setter or a follower? Are you always sticking to the standard, or are you trying to bring something special to the mix? Now, you may look goofy and people may mock you for changing it up a bit, but I admire PSY, Los Del Rio, and Billy Ray. They make me smile. They gave me a song and dance that no one else had ever done. I admire their creativity. I admire the fact that despite the culture and language differences they were able to connect on so many levels.

What is your “Gangnam Style”? Are you courageous enough to do something like this? Watch out 2013!