The definition of fearless according to Merriam-Webster is quite simply “free from fear; brave”. Some synonyms of fearless are bold, courageous, gallant, gutsy, heroic, stout, undaunted, and valiant. Any successful business professional has some or all of these traits.

In recent history, with the emergence of technology, I can think of many examples of people who are and were fearless. Let’s look at Michael Dell, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. They have defined the world, as we know it today. Other words to describe these individuals are entrepreneurs and risk-takers.

Now the companies Michael, Steve, Mark, and Bill have founded have seen their up’s and down’s, but without these leaders’ fearless attitude in the first place, the world would look much different. Twenty years ago, the Internet was not readily available. Personal PC’s were just beginning to hit the market, and the only way you could buy music was on a CD, record, or tape. Our landlines were our main way to communicate, and social media was not even a word!

Recruiters are looking for the eye of the tiger; fearless leaders who aren’t afraid to make mistakes and make a difference. These individuals are difficult to find, but they are very special. Do you have the eye of the tiger? Here are 10 traits of Fearless Leaders:

  1. They do not accept the answer of “No” or “It can’t be done” even if it is something that is a near impossibility. They are not afraid of rejection.
  2. They are trendsetters, not trend followers. They go against the grain to do something different, to better what is currently in place.
  3. They have a strong vision and can lead others. They can build a team of individuals to follow them.
  4. They will work tirelessly to achieve their goals. They will work harder than anyone else by doing whatever it takes to get the job at hand done.
  5. They win. They will not accept failure.
  6. They may get knocked down, but they don’t get knocked out. They dust themselves of frequently.
  7. They are always thinking one step ahead. They are continually thinking about the future.
  8. They study their opposition and find their weaknesses and go at them full throttle.
  9. They are stubborn. Nothing will get in their way to success.
  10. They practice until perfect. Nothing but perfection is acceptable
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