Have you had difficulty getting applicants to apply to your jobs lately?  You aren’t alone.  I have heard a ton of complaints this year.  Most companies are questioning if it is the job posting itself.  Should you tweak your description?  Should you advertise in different places?  Should you do better marketing towards your target audience?

Maybe.  Maybe though, whatever you do it won’t be enough.

Here is the deal.  Everyone is hiring.  Your job description isn’t very different than everyone else’s job description.  Most companies are using the same buzz words too.  Candidates aren’t looking for A job this year.  Candidates are looking for THE job this year.  They are looking for a job that will advance their careers.  They are looking for an increase in salary.  They are looking to work for a company that has a cool product where they can make a difference.

The candidates that are applying to the jobs aren’t qualified either.  Are they?  No, they truly aren’t.  An organization may get lucky and get a hire from a job posting, but chances are that the applicants are missing in one or two KEY areas where your organization is just not willing to settle.

Organizations shouldn’t have to settle.  They should get EXACTLY what they want.  Hiring the wrong person can cause all sorts of havoc.   Once you hire an employee, to fire that individual is a huge headache, a ton of time and money lost, and it takes a toll on you emotionally.

I get this.

Don’t you feel better that you aren’t alone in finding candidates from postings?  You should.

You truly have to have a targeted approach to recruiting in 2017. This isn’t that much different than what has been said over the past decade.  Now more than ever sourcing candidates is essential to filling key roles.

Sourcing candidates takes time.  Sourcing alone, however, won’t get a role filled.  Once you find the right individuals you want to hire, then you have to have a killer salesperson to convince the candidate that YOUR job is THE JOB they have been looking for all this time!

Here is where an agency steps in.  Agencies can target the right people.  They have the time to really spend sourcing and attracting the candidates you want to hire with the right qualifications rather than the applicants that are missing the mark in a few key areas.  They can sell your company which makes your job as a hiring manager a heck of a lot easier when they come to interview for your role.

You get it right?  But.. it costs money.  Sure.  If you want something done right the first time though, wouldn’t you rather pay upfront than make a huge mistake?

Choosing the right agency is tough.  There are so many of them.  A lot of them give the industry a bad name.  There are a few out there that take great pride in what they do and the candidates they deliver.

There are also internal recruiting departments.  Internal recruiters are great, but sometimes they simply don’t have the time to target specific individuals because of the number of positions they have to recruit.  Partnering with an agency is just smart business on select roles.

Other firms simply don’t have a recruiting department.  Hiring a recruiter is essential.  You can’t spend all of your time doing your job and recruiting as well!  It is just too much.

If you try it, you will get frustrated.  I promise.

So, the next time you have an open role.  Go ahead and try to post the role if you want, but when you fail, give us a ring.  We would be happy to help.

Let us help you hit the bulls eye.