2015 is now here!  I am excited about the things to come.  2014 was a terrific year and I am personally looking forward to the challenges and exciting things that will come.  I can’t move forward from 2014 without saying “Thank You” to the people that I met.  The people below I have met in real life and have influenced me greatly.  I consider you friends.  This is Part 1 of a 2 Part series.

I am lucky to know you!

  1. Andres Translvania–  Andres and I spoke together at TalentNet last September and became instant friends.  He pushes me and I push him.  Together we are dangerous.  We are looking forward to great things in 2015!  Keep killing it at Whole Foods Andres!  Andres is the Global recruiter for Whole Foods.
  2. Bill Borman–  What can I say about Bill?  I love brilliant people, and he is just that.  I had a chance to talk to him at a #tru event in Austin and was blown away.  I was the only one who attended.  One on one with just Bill. Our conversation was deep and it really made me think about everything recruiting.  I am looking forward to our next conversation.  Australia THIS year Bill! 🙂
  3. Bryan Chaney–  Bryan is one in a million.  He loves training people.  He is someone who gets satisfaction from helping people with their careers and loves employment branding and social media.  We met at TalentNet last year and are building something special in Austin with Recruiters in 2015.  I am honored to know him.
  4. Celinda Appelby–  Celinda and I have talked for years over social media and finally got to meet face to face in December.  I know now why she is so successful at what she does.  She is kind and always has great ideas.  I look forward to collaborating more with her in 2015.
  5. Chris Lavoie–  What a genius when it comes to the camera!  I saw him in action at the Top Recruiter event in June of 2014.  Blown away.  We have been talking for years, but to see him in action was truly amazing.  He pushes people to be better at what they do.  I admire his work and have developed a great relationship with him.
  6. Craig Fisher–  Craig is one of my mentors.  A great speaker, and he gets it!  His word is gold.  He is my go- to person for any career advice and will be forever grateful for getting me involved with TalentNet.  TalentNet is one of the best recruiting conferences around.
  7. Crystal Miller–  Crystal took time to talk to me about the speaking in the circut this year.  She interviewed me on HR Drive Through and we have become good friends since.  I am looking forward to 2015!
  8. Danielle Weinblatt–  I admire Danielle in so many ways.  I love her mind.  She is brilliant and Take the Interview is such a cool company with limitless possibilities.  We have had the chance to hang out multiple times in 2014 and look forward to seeing what her company does this year!
  9. Derek Zeller–  Derek- what a man!  We started blogging on Recruiting Blogs a couple of years ago and had no idea that we would become such good friends.  I bounce ideas off him all the time.  Thanks for being there Derek & bringing me to DC for Recruit DC.  Forever grateful!  Check out his blogs on Recruiting Tools.
  10. HR Nasty–  I was very lucky to sit down and have a beer with HR Nasty this year.  What a guy!  I learned much more about him than just his blogging.  A kind, well-rounded individual who loves to fish.  Read his blog at www.hrnasty.com.
  11. Jeremy Roberts–  Jeremy is a friend.  We are very much alike and I consider him a mentor and friend in the HR space.  We started out on weekly Google hangouts in 2014 and finally had a chance to meet in September 2014.  We talk reguarly and bounce ideas off each other all the time.  I have enjoyed writing for SourceCon and look forward to Seattle this next year.
  12. Jessica Miller-Merrill–  What can I say about Jessica?  I started writing for Blogging4Jobs last January & our friendship has blossomed ever since.  From our time at Talent Net in March, to Top Recruiter, to a hamburger at Shady Grove.  She is one of the few that has made it as an influencer in the HR market & honored to know her.  She is a hustler and a good friend.
  13. Lars Schmidt–  Lars is awesome!  He made the transition from Corporate recruiting to owning his own business and has done an excellent job with his speaking engagements.  I aspire to do the things he has done with his own career.  Great overall person. Check out his company Amplify Talent.
  14. Marc Miller–  Without Marc, I don’t think my career would have ever taken a step forward.  He encouraged me to change my website, gave me the connections to syndicate my blog, and gave me the platform to help spread the word on my writing through his blog Career Pivot.  Because of him, I am on the board of Directors with Launch Pad Job Club which has many exciting things coming in 2015!
  15. Marc Mapes– Marc started ei talent.  I believe ei talent could be one of the biggest companies in the future.  He is an entrepreneur and just a great guy to be around.  I love that he is in Austin where I have the chance to grab queso with him from time to time.
  16. Matt Charney– What a stud.  What a brilliant mind.  I talk to Matt reguarly and honored to contribute to his website Recruiting Daily.  He gets the HR/ Marketing space.  I consider him a mentor and take his advice to heart.  I am looking forward to working closer with him this year.
  17. Mike Cooke–  Never in my career have I had someone that impressed me so quickly as Mike.  He is the CEO of the Brandon Hall Group.  He is always helping people think “what’s next”.  I think everyone needs someone like Mike to look over their shoulders.  Mike, thank you for your brief time and I look forward to talking more in the future.
  18. Pola LoBello–  Pola is just awesome.  She really impressed me at Top Recruiter.  She won Top Recruiter 2 for being herself.  She is truly a gem.
  19. Rayanne Thorne–  Rayanne is another mentor.  I am blessed to know her.  We both wrote for Blogging4Jobs in 2014 and finally had a chance to meet at Top Recruiter in June of this past year.  She interviewed me on Talent Talk Tuesday and are regular Facebook buds. She is a mover in the HR industry and always knows the latest and greatest in the HR space.
  20. Travis Triggs–  Travis is just awesome.  He always has a smile on his face and is an awesome speaker.  I am glad we met in 2014 and look forward to many more years of friendship.

There are Many, many more!  To those that I have mentioned, thank you.  Part 2 will be coming next week.  In addition, there are still a ton of people I want to meet IN REAL LIFE.  You know who you are, so let’s make it happen!